Dedication – 7

A.K.A. Ablaze from Embers When you least expect it, when you're not even actively looking, when you're absorbed in uncertainties, there comes a jolt in the form of a human to show you that not all is lost, especially your heart. I think of you now and then and it is not with an ache... Continue Reading →


The Quill Dipped In: Aqua

Switching over to shades of blue! I am programmed to expect the worst. I imagine things going horribly wrong because life is rarely fair. I'd rather be surprised when everything works out and heave an inward sigh of relief because if the world sees me unguarded, I know it would want to inflict some damage.... Continue Reading →


I wish I could love you like I was thirteen and unaware of heartbreaks. With absolutely no doubts, letting it completely consume me. But I'm 23 and I have grown into a skeptical woman who puts up a fight every time someone attempts to break into her heart to stake a claim. It's not easy... Continue Reading →

The Ashley Continuum: Chapter 4

Chapter IV Preoccupied by suicidal thoughts and murderous tendencies - when people ask me to describe who I am, this would be the most accurate definition of what I'm usually like. 'Who are you?' is a question that stumps us if we dare to go beyond the mere 'I'm *insert your name*' or 'I'm *insert... Continue Reading →

Enveloped Serenade – A

First post of 2019! When I entered the WE (Writer's Ezine) Valentine's day handwritten love letter contest, I didn't expect to have my letter in the top three. Since I feed off of fictional romance, it was difficult to choose what exactly to write about for the contest and when I was done sending the... Continue Reading →

The Quill Dipped In: Burgundy

Last post of this year You left. Mid-way. Before I could learn to deal with it. So much earlier than when you could stop being important to me. And with your departure, it all came rushing in. Every time I heard your name, I flinched. But I hid my emotions and tried to evade questions... Continue Reading →

Swiftie alert!

I have written about Nicholas Sparks and Lang Leav in two of my previous posts already and now it's time for expressing what I feel about my next inspiration - Taylor Swift. This is about her songs and their impact, not her personal life (which is religiously followed by the paparazzi already) and if you... Continue Reading →


When you inhale cold air continuously, your tongue gets cold. In the beginning, that was the feeling I had whenever I spent time with you and uttered your name. An enjoyable cooling embrace of my insides, the taste of you on my chapstick overdosed lips. It's a bane to have bad eyesight. My spectacles get... Continue Reading →

Confessions of a non-foodie

I like seeing beautifully plated food, #foodporn and #foodgasm on Instagram (speaking of which, have you checked out Soul-ed Out's profile, probably because it's art, as I'm no foodie. I occasionally enjoy watching cookery shows though there's no way that I'll experiment, let alone try out basic dishes to survive when Mom's not around... Continue Reading →

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