‘Interpreter of maladies’ by Jhumpa Lahiri: A book review

I usually hesitate to pick up award-winning books because I have read a few and found them not in agreement with what I like. So, before choosing to read this book, I looked at the summary and felt that it was acceptable to read this and since it was a collection of short stories, I... Continue Reading →



A dead woman sprawled across the road – this was the sight I saw on a Wednesday morning on my way to work. Not a pleasant start to the day but well, all days seem the same kind of devastating when you do not particularly enjoy your work and would rather do anything else for... Continue Reading →

The Ashley Continuum: Chapter 3

Chapter III Cancer is one of the most dreaded words. We avoid saying it just because we are scared of inviting it into our daily lives. But there is another word we use so leniently which is equally dangerous and sadly, prevalent in most of our daily lives. Depression. I know it's not classified into... Continue Reading →

Femme Fatale – 2

I'm the feminist they warn you about because I'm biased, I think women should be placed on pedestals of the colour they choose (which may not necessarily be pink) and must rule the world to save it from disgrace. Equality is what I root for, but sometimes I crave superiority for my kind simply because... Continue Reading →

The Quill Dipped In: Carmine

There are certain things, people and feelings in life that you are so afraid to lose that you keep them hidden away. Certain songs on your playlist are placed in clear view yet are never talked about or suggested to a friend because when others go about singing them carelessly, it is a violation of... Continue Reading →

About THE poets: Maya Angelou

You are always curious about the writers your favorite writers are inspired by and in my case, Maya Angelou was that person. I first came to know about her because of her death which was mourned by my inspiration – Nicholas Sparks. And then slowly, I came to know about how powerful her words were... Continue Reading →

You and Him

There are always two types of people we fall for. The first type is the one that we are attracted to because of what they put forth to the world, the attitude, the looks, the talent, there are many attributes that are easy to like without much effort. Their presence puts us into a merriful... Continue Reading →

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