‘In the name of God’ by Ravi Subramanian: A book review

In his latest book (atleast when I was writing this review), Ravi Subramanian has penned down an unputdownable novel about murders based in a temple in South India. Now being a Keralite, I was attracted to this particular book because it was based in Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple – a place I have visited twice... Continue Reading →

Enveloped Serenade – E

Wrapping up the 'Enveloped Serenade' series of 5 love letters with 5 themes and one binding concept - love, with this post! E Dear friend, Like the salutation? You told me we would always be friends so I felt it was appropriate even today. I wished to call you something else of mine for a... Continue Reading →

Dusty Shelves – 4

I'm one of those rare people who hates rains. I'm no Bella Swan from Twilight who hates wet cold things or whatever (I mean, I'm team Edward!) but when it rains heavily for days on end, it is just plain creepy. No, I'm not afraid of lightning and thunder because I believe they would make... Continue Reading →

Enveloped Serenade – D

D Dearest hubby, Congratulations! You won an award. You totally deserve it. I am so happy for you that I can't express it. I wish you were here so I could tell you all this instead of writing. I miss you too much. The other day, I was looking through our wedding album and wondering... Continue Reading →

Written statement

Give it to me in writing Spoken word, slam poetry - the narration of poems, musings and even stories, have become a trend in the modern times. As a writer, I believe this is a nice opportunity for the growth of literature and art, in general, because it increases the reach of the written word.... Continue Reading →

Dusty Shelves – 3

Reviving old poems The welcome mat placed right in front of my heart Was an open sign for you to walk right in You walked that walk,the one that made it hard to gather All the pieces of broken hearts around me Then you made yourself at home  And I decided to walk away from... Continue Reading →

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