About THE poets: Lang Leav

Welcome to my new project - the new blog series I’m kick-starting with this post – ‘About THE poets’. The first poet is, my favourite - Lang Leav!


Dedication – 5

There are old friends and then there are new ones and sometimes certain in-betweens who leave a long-lasting impression and disappear without warning. A dedication to one such person.

Diaries of somebody familiar: 9 & 10

​A series of fictional diary entries of people I may or may not have come across. The truth is conditional and so the option to believe lies with the reader. The insecure one I'm not going to pretend that I hate my favourite song just because he doesn't like it. I will sing it out... Continue Reading →

Not a dedication-3

"Aren't you afraid that people will get to know too much about you when they read your thoughts on paper?" I was asked. I thought about the guy from school who sat on the last bench. He didn't sit there because he wanted to be a back-bencher, because you know, it was considered 'cool'. And... Continue Reading →

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