‘The Krishna Key’ by Ashwin Sanghi: A book review

Blog Anniversary post! I know that it might almost be pointless to be reviewing a book after so many years of it getting published and being reviewed by most people on the planet but if there is a tiny possibility that someone actually picks up a book because they happened to see my opinion about... Continue Reading →


About THE poets: Maya Angelou

You are always curious about the writers your favorite writers are inspired by and in my case, Maya Angelou was that person. I first came to know about her because of her death which was mourned by my inspiration – Nicholas Sparks. And then slowly, I came to know about how powerful her words were... Continue Reading →

You and Him

There are always two types of people we fall for. The first type is the one that we are attracted to because of what they put forth to the world, the attitude, the looks, the talent, there are many attributes that are easy to like without much effort. Their presence puts us into a merriful... Continue Reading →

The Ashley Continuum: Chapter 2

Chapter II The problem with being a sunshine in the starting and slowly letting out the eternal storm in you become the aura that people would want to stay away from but are curious enough to explore since they like change and enjoy doing new things unlike you (excuse my punctuation-less blabber of extremely long... Continue Reading →

Dusty Shelves – 1

Reviving old poems- A writer is also an editor and I’ve decided that with this series, I will try to make my old poems better and have them in this space since it is better than letting all those emotions go to waste. A lot of editing (and hence brilliance) must not be expected because... Continue Reading →

The Quill Dipped In: Auburn

I wonder how it would feel to be that girl, capable of love and being loved. The ever beautiful, serene smile implanted on her face always, like every waking moment of her life is being photographed. How can she be so effortlessly beautiful all the time? Some of us others have to try so hard... Continue Reading →

About THE poets: Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe is a poet I came across because of a weird depiction of him and a crow in a post I saw on Facebook to ‘guess the poet’. Later, I found another funny comic where he was portrayed along with a crow again and when I began writing this article, my first search... Continue Reading →

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