The Ashley Continuum: Chapter 7

Tryst with guys who think they are big shots A boy once inspected my wrist for cuts and marks. I still don't know if it was just an excuse to hold my hand or if talking to me for more than five seconds can give someone the impression that I'm the type of girl who... Continue Reading →


The sinkable ship

Friendship day special What is worse? Being unlucky in love or being unlucky in friendship? I'm going to say that the latter is because it's 2018 when I'm writing this and I've woken up to a dream of an old friend and the events leading to the end of our friendship. Now you might think... Continue Reading →

Enveloped Serenade – C

C Darling G, Where are you? Please come back! I can't live without you, sweetheart, you know that. Why did you leave me? What did I do that made you decide that you were better off with some guy who barely knows you? I have resorted to writing a letter to reach you because you... Continue Reading →

The Quill Dipped In: Azure

I keep you inside my books. Because I trust the pages to caress you and provide you with warmth, similar to the effect that loving you brought to me. I run my fingers along their spines whenever I miss you - they form my much needed escape from reality, from remembering that I lost you.... Continue Reading →

The Ashley Continuum: Chapter 6

Chapter VI I wonder if these Manic Pixie Dream-girls exist outside movies because I, for one, am a Crazy Nightmarish Witch and part whatever could result from a Scrooge-Grinch combination. There's a high probability that if I really like you, I will stay away from you from time to time. It's just that I hate... Continue Reading →

The Ashley Continuum: Chapter 5

Chapter V When you want to hysterically laugh out loud because your misfortune is that amusing but you can't seem creepier than you already do. When you want to burst into tears but unfortunately you are a strong woman and hey, big girls don't cry nor lose it completely even when they are on a... Continue Reading →

About THE Poets: Emily Dickinson

I took a ‘which poet are you’ quiz once and was very sure that I would get Sylvia Plath as the result but apparently, I’m similar to Emily Dickinson. Even though she was in the list of poets I was going to write about in the About THE Poets series, this made me move her... Continue Reading →

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