They say people enter into your life for a reason. But nowadays, it seems like people are constantly leaving. Or you are leaving them. As we grow older, we lose people on the way. Personally, I have not met a single person who is in touch with all their friends or has never felt a sense of enstrangement from a dear old pal or worse still, had to remove their once bestfriend from their life completely. It could be due to a variety of reasons like a simple misunderstanding or a loss of trust. And sometimes, the leaving is not deliberate. It could happen because of divine intervention! Whatever it may be, some things are bound to end even though it could leave you feeling hollow inside. Sometimes there is a part of you that wishes to go back to the past and un-meet them only because having to let them go was a painstakingly difficult process. That is when you should think of all the good times and smile and maybe even write a poem as your very first post on the blog you just joined because even when it is over, you know the memories that you are so thankful for, are not going to be erased.

Goodbye, my friend:
I bid farewell to the times you made me smile
Forever in my mind, you will continue to stay
Gone are the days I would not think twice
Before I told you about my day
When I think of you, all that I need
Are those memories that never were complete
But we remained for as long as there could be
Till we stopped going back to repeat
Isn’t it strange how we never knew each other even when we did
Was it a mistake we made because we were just a couple of kids
Years from now, would you think of me just as one of those other friends
Or someone who said goodbye to you in not so many words, in the end
We were always strangers even though we were close
That might make it easier for you to not be so morose
When you think of me, there could not be a bitter kind of ache
I am hoping for a sweet pain, something you could easily take
Easy as it is for me to write about it, know this, it made me sad
When I finally found the voice to say good riddance to whatever it was that we had

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