It is all in the past

Let go of the past. You keep hearing this all the time. The past drags you behind. Living in the past can only keep your life on hold. Yes, every thing is true but why do you have to forget about the past when it makes you a better and more careful person?
The past is a reminder of how cautious decisions could have paved the way for a better present and even a future. It tells you at every step of life that you have a chance now to implement the lesson that your past taught you. No, you cannot correct the mistakes you made and all the regrets you have are still the same. But just the memory of the past can help you stop when you are about to make a decision that you know is bad, thanks to experience! Something to stop you from doing what you will regret, possibly in the very near future. The past tells you who the villains of your life’s story were and in the future, it makes you ready to avoid or deal with such other characters you may come across. The sense of dejavu which may not always be nostalgic might even save you from going in the wrong way again. It could take more than just one try to have a sort of damage control over your life but with each wrong step, you come closer to making the suffering worth it.
Traumas are not pleasant and sometimes, it seems like a better option to forget them and move on. Dwelling on unpleasant things is just dangerous and damaging to your happiness. But no matter how horrible your past was, do not forget what happened. Because things happen for a reason and most of the time, it is to teach you a lesson. And that lesson is supposed to make your life better. Isn’t it easier to learn something from our own life than to be preached at by others any day?

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