Dreams! Those amazing thoughts that come to you, catching you off-guard when all your defences are lowered. Like a patient killer, ready to unleash the tortures of the past on you when you think it is all over. Making all your fears come true and even preparing you for the reality sometimes. Re-igniting the fire in you for something you were ready to give everything up for. Making you realise the desires you hide in the darkest corners of your heart, away from prying eyes. Opening your eyes, figuratively, to what you really want in your life. And at times, making no sense at all. Vanishing from your memory as soon as you wake up. Other times, making you wonder why you dream of the same person every single night even though you have spent years living without them in your life and is coping with the loss. Or trying to.

Waking up in the middle of the night
The room is filled with a hazy starlight
A racing heartbeat and a fear is left
In me, when you awaken me like this
You are away, so far from me
But every single night, I have the same dream
You walk away and my life leaves me
When I reach out for you so desperately
I know you cannot hear me
Mist surrounds the space between us
I follow the silhouette that I see through the dust
A guiding light from above falls on you like a spotlight
There were days that you made every wrong, right
The distance increases as I walk towards you
But a step taken back brings you closer too
Just like always you shatter me now
I stand alone, crying out loud
Wide-awake, I re-live the dream
A nightmare of a love we made ourselves seem

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