Somebody asked me once how it was possible to feel the ache of a heartbreak without actually experiencing it. Maybe it is because heartbreaks do not come with a face. It is not always about rejection or betrayal. Sometimes it is because expectations that are sky high get torn apart in the streak of lightning that is your life. And there are times when somewhere inside of you, there is a part that understands heartbreaks more than love. Because love might make living worth it but a broken heart teaches you what life actually is. Maybe that is why even someone who cannot fall in love has the ability to know what the ache is all about. Or maybe it is just a miracle. Here is one of my earliest poems, inspired by the one that made me continue. Because even though the reason why you began is very important, you can never forget the reason why you continued.

My eyes wander to the place you are at always
And it never fails to find you
The rest is just inevitable
You go on with your life the way it was
And I keep looking at you
The way I always had
Because I used to care
And even now I do
But sometimes it is just hard to tell you the truth
Some say you used to mean the world to me
But I say, the world was never big enough to know what I feel.
Not a day goes by without me thinking of you
In every breath and blink, you make me want you
But then I realise
If you wanted me too
I’d be sitting beside you and my wishes would come true
You think I don’t give you a second look
But you don’t realise that in seconds I’d be looking right back at you
By that time, you turn away
And that tells me you don’t want me to stay
It’s funny how I’m in love
With you, of all the people in the world
Maybe it was meant to be
And maybe, you and me won’t be happening

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