When did we stop dreaming? Ask any ten year old what she/he wants to become and you will get a never ending list of her/his ambitions. Personally, I had a whole list myself with tonnes of alternatives and maybe that was why none of them really worked. Nobody grows up willingly but when we were little, that was all we wanted to do. And now we are here. Maybe physically, we may be termed as adults but how many of us actually feel grown up? Wisened by age seems like a funny thing to say at most times. But there is the fact that when somebody asks us what our plans are for the future, empty stares and shrugs are the only replies they will be given. In a way, that is how we grew up.
Why did we have to stop dreaming during the process? Is it because reality struck and we realised that dreams were too good to be true in the real world? Or is it because we are too lazy to follow up on our dreams? Maybe it is the low self confidence that stops us from being who we really want to be. Every inspirational story gives us a five minute boost of self-belief, especially the kind where the underdog rises to power. But it lasts only that long. The feeling goes away as soon as we think about the chances of something similiar happening to ourselves. And another dream goes down the drain. Some brave hearts do follow their dreams even in this competetive and cruel world where people are more concerned about others’ lives, trying to dissuade others from following their hearts and criticising in innovative ways at every single step. Victories do come in the way of some. Apart from that select few, the others now turn into examples that we give ourselves when we dream of the apparent impossible. So what do we do? Stop dreaming? Unfortunately, even when we deny to ourselves that we have no idea of where we are going with our lives, there is a part of us that knows exactly where we want to be. And that can definitely be classified as a dream. As humans, even the desperate ones among us who have no time to dream because they are struggling to survive, cannot help themselves from having ambitions. Even if it is something as simple or as hopeless as dreaming of a better and happier life. So maybe we have reduced our expectations from life and given up on the things that we knew would definitely happen in our lives one day. But we are alive and as long as that is true, dreams will find a way to come to us, even if we are unwilling to accept them initially.

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