A year of love

Because even though they are unrealistic, a part of me loves happy endings.

In January, you said you loved me
I was hesitant to reciprocate your feelings
But you waited and let me
Take my time, in a fairytale beginning
The chills gave thrills as we started the journey
February, the time we walked hand in hand
We kissed as the snow melted, it was ecstasy
The savoury passion prevented things from going bland
A March morning, you swept me away
We lived a new life, with each other
A time we sang about and laughed and played
I knew right then, it would last forever
Flowers bloomed and so did our lives
We had our first fight on an April night
As bees buzzed about in their hives
I loved the way you had set everything right
May, the time we knew what life was about
Reality had made us a little more cautious
I had started to have doubts
If I would lose everything I held precious
June brought about a different kind of moon
I held onto you as you lifted me higher
With every word, you made me swoon
On nights when we sat by the dim fire
July, oh my
How would I ever forget
We didn’t deny that we lied
About sins that we now regret
Then came August
Our love may have had flaws
But it passed the test of times that the rest
Found hard to cross
September, I remember
The day you cried
When trees fell down to timber
You had gone to hide
In October and November, I was on my own
You came back in December
You said you felt alone
When I thought our love had burnt to embers
You apologised
That was when we realised
We make each other alive
Our hearts were tethered to each other the day your eyes met mine

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