Dedication 4

Just thought I could give a romantic touch to the fact that the months February and March are identical in that the dates one through twenty eight fall on the same days. And because this year is a leap year, the days got shifted by one so I just had to write this to get it out of my system. I have my own reason for noticing this particular fact and well, if there are such interesting similarities or stark differences that you found from the calender, do let me know!

Have you noticed how our birthdays fall on the same day of the week every year except for leap years? It is almost like even our birth months are meant to be in synchrony, all the dates perfectly aligned, so much of similarity! But why are we, you and me, stuck forever in a leap year where we miss being together, being one, just by a day? A twenty fifth gifted you to me even before my twenty fifth arrived. As I march forward to meet you in March, do you know there is a February, waiting to be discovered by you, waiting oh-so humbly, waiting to be aligned? If you ever do find it out someday, meet me and find me, waiting for you at the end of the twenty eighth of February, in a leap year, clinging to it as tightly as I could possibly, forever hoping to see you just one more time, my dear. And we can stay together on the twenty ninth and call a lifetime, our very first ‘date’.

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