The Piscean Fright

Having had a really close friend who is a Piscean helped in writing this article. Not being on good terms with that Piscean (and some others) helped to make it better. Being a Piscean myself probably gives me the eligibility to write a piece like this. And because I have had more Pisceans in my life than people from the other zodiac signs, this was almost meant to be.
There is a popular saying that Pisceans have all the qualities (good or bad) of the other signs of the zodiac. Observe a Piscean carefully and you would know it is true. Sometimes it might even make you wonder whether the person has a multiple personality disorder because the Piscean life is like that of a popular theatre artist who goes from one play to another, portraying different characters.
The common thing that I have noticed in most Pisceans is their creativity. Most of them are ready to recite a poem or make up a story from a simple sentence you give them or dance their hearts out to a song that another Piscean is singing which of course, another one would record on their camera while their friend (this article is solely about Pisceans so this person is obviously one too) sits in a corner painting the whole scene. Before I get carried away and showcase them (or us) only in a good light, let me tell you that Pisceans also happen to be hopeless romantics. You might say that that is not a bad thing. Think again! You might not want to tell a Piscean that her/his time is only getting wasted when she/he composes a song for their lover or makes a perfumed greeting card proclaiming their love using all the right words or even better, plans an elaborate or toned down (because they can also be poles apart from one another, remember?) proposal because they are just not going to listen to you! And if this whole thing becomes a flop and it turns out that their love interest has a lover or is just not ready for that kind of a thing, there are two things that could happen. One is that the understanding Piscean would step back and mend their broken heart by going back to their talents (warning: heartbreak songs, poems, novellas, paintings, the like, coming up). The second thing that can happen is that their love interest is automatically pushed into a list of people who fall under the category of ‘enemies for life’ (of course, the list is flexible because most of the old ones are thrown out when they choose to realise that hating for too long only makes them ugly and they might even forgive them but not forget or vice-versa). But all this does not mean that all Pisceans are extremely faithful. From having multiple crushes simultaneously to declaring their undying love to many at a time, Pisceans show that they have a big heart capable of accomodating hundreds. Then there’s the fact that if they find their one true love, that will be forever and they would willingly let one person take over them completely. Till then, of course, the hunt will continue!
Likes repel is a law that is not applicable to Pisceans. They are extremely compatible with each other and instantly become best-friends. But wait, leaving aside the fact that they like the same things and the same people, this so-called friendship ends in a disaster at most times (I have earned the right to say this). Clashes occur because Pisceans cannot tolerate the fact that a fellow Piscean could not realise the things that offend them and the unforgivable sin that they committed just brings out ego problems and well, the rest is history. You have to be careful when you talk to a Piscean because they get angry for really small things. They might not show it outside but the Piscean sense of memory (or maybe it is just a normal human thing) is such that they have a tendency to never forget who or what bruised their sensitive heart.
Pisceans can also go to any extreme to defend their tastes in the arts. Arguing with a Piscean about their favourite film or band will only land you in trouble. They are also the type that could go from hating a particular book or even a person, to falling completely in love them.
None of this means that Pisceans are horrible people. They would go through hell for you if you know how to handle them. They make the best of friends and although they can be termed as emotional fools, they have a great sense of humor and are crazy in a good way, which should help you in remembering to cope up with their mood swings. So, the next time you see a Piscean dreaming with their eyes open and probably even ignoring whatever you are saying to them because they are too absorbed in their own thoughts, sit down beside them and dream along. Or whatever it is that you people belonging to other signs do! And don’t forget to be grateful for the Piscean presence in your life.

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