Invisible strings

It is funny how inspiration comes from the most unexpected areas. You know you have hit a jackpot when you get ideas while watching an advertisement on T.V. To a person who just cannot live without what silly people call the ‘idiot box’, finding a poem-worthy thought while surfing through channels and getting reminded of it after watching a movie just confirms the fact that if there are soulmates out there for everyone, yours is right in front of you on the stand that all your furnitures are pointed to (yes, that’s a Joey Tribbiani dialogue). So, here’s a poem that was created because of an advertisement I saw like a million years ago, which I hope would come true in the lives of all those who dread the wedlock (especially girls – not because I am a feminist (well, maybe just a little bit) but since this is more applicable to them).

Newly wed:
Standing there with you

With a wide smile on my face

I try to hide that my royal life

And the dreams I had are broken

People take pictures of us

You hold my hand

But I can only see the teary eyes

Yet the blissful faces they possess

Another door opens up and I’m unsure how much I count in there

With an aching heart and burning mind

I fake a smile again

New dreams may happen

As I get used to you and what surrounds

But how can I not miss

All the usual morning sounds

I picture them worrying

As always but now, I feel a little dread

As I’m away from them

I can’t run back there the way I always had

Because you have invisible strings that pull me back

Days pass, a little while ago

I wondered if it was the start of a new love

You said goodbye for a few days

When you came, I forgot all about them

Funny how time heals everything

A touch of yours made me complete

In the back of my mind, I’ll always think of them

Even though now, you are my priority

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