Femme fatale

Being a feminist does not always mean that you treat men as your enemies. It does not mean that you take a vow to remain unmarried because you never quite understood why women had to give everything up for someone they may have only just met. It is not a declaration that you are going to live your life lecturing the men around you about respecting women and treating them as equals. Sometimes it is greater than being highly intolerant of every small mistake that men may make. Sometimes it is only about hoping, trying your very best to make the world a better place for women. Because more than the hurt of being called the inferior race, is the pain when we are treated as inferiors.
Somebody told me that men take risks and that is the reason why they are better at certain things than women are. The feminist in me did not immediately jump to the defence of women which was a rarity. What the person said, made sense at the time and more so when I gave the thought a little more time to settle in my mind. Men are reckless and that is why women live longer is one of the many posts I came across while scrolling down social media, looking for nothing in particular. I used to laugh at the dimwittedness of men earlier but now, I realise that they may not live long enough but when they are alive, they truly live. I know this is a generalisation but most of the men I know have had great experiences in the past or continue to or are planning to in the very near future. I know of many independent women who I look up to and some strong girls who are bound to lead lives leading others when they enter womanhood. But why are they limited in number? Why are women so afraid to take risks? What are they scared of?
Women who take risks are limited because ‘behind every successful man is a woman’ but not the other way around. Only a lucky few get the encouragement to take the plunge.
Women don’t take risks because most of the society is against women who seem to be in control.
They are afraid of the society’s displeasure.
These are the immediate answers that the feminist in me came up with.
Thinking over these questions again, some other thoughts came up which may not be very different from the answers above. I did warn you that a feminist is writing this!
Women who take risks are limited in number because even the ones with support have to think about more than just themselves. Sure, they are given all the encouragement they could possibly get to chase their dreams but somewhere in the back of their minds echoes a voice that says ‘all this is a waste because eventually, you have to get married and raise kids and forget about your ambitions if you want a happy married life’. Where did this voice come from? Ask yourself.
Why are women so afraid to take risks? They aren’t. They are afraid of what comes after that. How many successful women are out there who have not been accused of having conquered it all because of their ‘looks’ and not because of their actual talent? No matter what women do, they are judged based on their appearance and nobody actually values what’s inside. Of course, what’s inside matters once the bride-hunting sessions begin but even then, the one with the good looks always has one over the one with the good soul.
Women are not scared of allegations and criticism. They are capable of facing the biggest problems that come their way. In a way, most women face battles of their own on a daily basis with a smile on their faces. But lack of appreciation or even acknowledging the fact that they have feelings because well, they happen to belong to the human race too, is tiring! So they give up. Or they don’t try. It is a natural reaction to lose the spirit to rise when the whole world is against you.
But there are some people (men included) who fight for what they believe in and rise to the top, not bothering about what might come during the journey towards or after reaching where they want to in life. Those are the people to look up to. And if it is possible for you to make a change by being nice to someone (you don’t even have to go beyond a smile at most times) and giving them the slightest of hopes to realise their potential, it would make you worthy of being looked up to too. And you don’t have to be a feminist to respect a fellow human for what they are worth.

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