Why do we have to be scared of death? After all, it puts us out of our misery. On some days, when we dread our future so much, not waking up the next day and dealing with the consequences of decisions made in haste seems like the most perfect solution. And if it is painful death that comes to us like in the case of an accident, doesn’t it seem worth it to bleed and hurt till the very last? Because it is not only symbolic of all the hardships endured when we were alive but it also gives the satisfaction of having lived and felt life leaving the body in a sweet numbing pain.
There are times when we feel that death could be the answer to all the questions we have been looking for. But then, there is the fact that we cannot take our own lives because of what it might do to the loved ones in our lives. So the drastic step is avoided because we are too cowardly to kill ourselves anyway! And what is the fun in ending our lives so abruptly when life kills us on a daily basis and we have survived all these years in a monotonous and sometimes exciting routine of being a little closer to death with every breath we inhale?
So the wait begins. The wait for death is just like any other thing that we have to wait for but it is amazing how much patience has a role to play here. There is no rush because death comes only once. And it may not arrive when we are prepared to face it so we try to fool it by going on with our lives as usual and conveniently ‘forgetting’ that we could drop dead any second and sometimes the joke’s on us when we wish for just a minute longer to see it all, because that is when death strikes. When we least expect it, when we don’t want it to take us. So that way when the soul, if such a thing exists, leaves the well-groomed body, it knows that life isn’t the only thing that is unfair. Death is too.

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