Becoming Love-Scrooge

We all have that one friend who gives the best relationship advice but is still single. Have you ever been tagged in a post that said this? Well, join the club!
Leaving aside the fact that the ones who actually were on the receiving side of the advices have termed them good and finally decided to give my fellow advicers a kind of ‘thankyou’ for spending their precious amount of time on solving petty fights and witnessing all the making up sessions, have you ever really stopped to think why the ones who obviously know everything about relationships remain single? Have you bothered to do something about it or does your concern just stop at tagging them in such posts? If you did actually ask them and they just gave you a casual shrug as a reply, I can guarantee you that there is more than just one reason for this.
The first and the most important fact that should be considered is that if your loveguru was not single, why would they ever struggle to solve your problems when they would have enough relationship troubles themselves?
The next thing is quite simple. They know too much about love. We can kid about seeing Romeos and Juliets everywhere around us but say that to a relationship advicer or just ask yourself whether such love (tragic yes, but true) exists anymore and the only reply you would get is a no. Love is divine, love is uplifting, love is a lot of things but it is also difficult to find and if you do find yourself in love and get it back in the same amount or less or more, it takes an incredible amount of will power to stay in love. Falling out of love is as easy as snapping your fingers!
And what makes you think they are single or have been so all their lives? They are probably in love with someone and not interested in taking it forward for whatever reasons or could have been in a secret relationship at some point in their lives. If they can lie to your face about your relationship’s possible lifespan, they can totally just keep their love life hidden and watch it bloom under their expertise.
Of course, they could genuinely be interested in relationships and is possibly doing some research about it out of sheer boredom. Die-hard romantics can only sleep well when they know love is all around them. Incomplete love stories are something they cannot let rest and that is why they take up the most hopeless cases under their wings and try to twist fates around. Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’, people!
Another point to be considered is, maybe they are not die-hard romantics in real life. Sure, they advise you to hold hands and look into your sweetheart’s eyes and everything but they would only laugh out loud or gag if such things happened to themselves. I mean, nobody really follows their own advices, right?
Next reason. They could be heartbroken. Simple enough?
And finally, the real reason most people (not just the ones ready to offer you advice) are single is because they choose to remain so. Shocking? Think again! Singledom (see, it even rhymes with freedom!) gives a sense of being in control of your life. There are no liabilities or suffocation because of over-protective instincts and jealousy and ego and all the drama that is offered on a platter when you step into a relationship (lord, save the ones who are committed!). Finding a person just like you, who understands what you want and don’t at the right times, is impossible. And if you want to find someone who is different from you just so that your life can be interesting forever, let me warn you, it is going to be a disaster after some time. What could you possibly talk about if you have zero common interests and especially if they are conflicting? You might suppress the passionate tone inside of you when your sweetheart is not being so sweet about the things you love in life but there will eventually be arguments and a possible war.
So, why bother struggling with the limited time you get to enjoy in life by trying to please someone else when all you have to do to be truly happy is to be yourself and surround yourself with people who accept you without judgements and over-expectations. And when people are ready to entertain you with their break-up stories, what more could you want from life?
P.S. the title should indicate that in this article the writer is only talking about the life she had when she was the match-maker, a post she has resigned from because she thinks saying ‘bah, lovebug’ is cooler. No offence to the existing lovegurus though!

2 thoughts on “Becoming Love-Scrooge

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  1. Wowww…. your feelings are expressed well here:)
    Are you trying to say that you did not really enjoy being a loveguru(when you were ;))? and when I read further, I felt, you were trying to warn people who wish to take their relationship
    to a next level 😛


    1. Let’s say it was fun in the beginning(you know who I’m referring to ;)) but the experience I had with others drove me nuts. I have no problems with relationships as long as both the partners are sincere to each other but it is just that I haven’t seen any ideal couple. Also I don’t exactly believe so much in love in reality. I love fictional love.


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