Walking Alone

Have you wondered why I always insisted on meeting you at a place where we could sit down and talk every time? Obviously, you must have thought it would be because you know how much I love to talk to you and to the world, in general. When I refused your offer to walk me to my next destination, did you think I was trying to be what you once told me you believed I was? A bird that flies solo and stops to give you a look occasionally on her endless journey to infinity! Even though I hate to disagree on that beautiful philosophy of how you perceive me, maybe you still haven’t yet figured out who I am inside.

I am a girl who loves to walk alone, drowning in my thoughts, creating new dreams that are impossible to achieve with every step I take. I love the silence. I love myself so much that I hate for all the time I get to myself to be corrupted by the presence of someone walking beside me. I love the peace that rushes in when I walk as fast I can, hurrying to reach no place and no one in particular. A solitary walker is the girl you have failed to see behind the cover of a talkative and chirpy personality I put forth. And even though now you know who I am, you will never understand what walking alone means to me truly, why I make myself a priority! Calling me self-centered and lost in myself is all that is left for you to say now, sweet stranger. When you do that, I just hope you would secretly wish to know for yourself some day, how important it is to walk with just thoughts to keep you company in the journey of your life that you must travel alone. And if you can enjoy that solitude and know yourself a little better because of the quietness that comes with it, won’t you thank me for coming into your life and making you see this finally?

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