The wilderness in my sleep

An attempt at describing an often visited place in some of my dreams that are both meaningful and meaningless at the same time.

The canopy caught me unaware

A trail unveils, trodden before, leading somewhere

Alone I walk this time, eery the familiarity

In the centre, a dying pond is revealed

Death, it signifies or does it?

The forest in all its glory and greenery

Shrubs so wild, snakes nowhere to be seen

The mood speaks largely of melancholy

The pond in the middle, calls to me

It is a death wish, reality possibly

Green its water, green overpowers

Mystic the ambience, curious are the passersby

Restless, just my mind

Sacrificial choices, borne out of sight

Caution separates the pond and me

I walk around it and into a distant dream

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