Not a dedication-2

I take time out daily to re-read your old messages. Maybe it is a trick my mind is playing on me when I derive new meanings from them. Or maybe I never bothered to find the hidden messages in your messages back then. And now, maybe you have affected me so much that I can finally see the truth. Now I know how much you must have hurt when I left you. Maybe now, it is my turn to cry inside.

“I miss you.” Every waking moment, even in my dreams sometimes.

“Where are you?” I can’t bear staying away from you. Take me along, won’t you?

“How are you?” I know it has been rough but I’ll be there for you, my love.

“I am fine.” Now that you asked, I am. But I am not.

“Tell me your dreams.” Because you are in every one of mine and I want to make yours come true.

“I dreamt of you yesterday.” I always do. 

“Do you miss me?” It stings my heart everytime I realise that I am not what you are to me.

“Take care.” I love you. I always have. I always will.

“Goodbye.” I love you. I always have. I always will.

“I love you.”

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