Diaries of somebody familiar:3 & 4

A series of fictional diary entries of people I may or may not have come across. The truth is conditional and so the option to believe lies with the reader.

The player’s victim

I have analysed every move of yours after you left. I must say, it is fascinating how you play with people’s hearts and emotions. First, you lure the seemingly sensible ones like me into a confortable zone that you adapt yourself into for the initial part of the game. No promises, just sweet formalities, harmless introductions and then seeps in, desire! Then you go out of the way to establish you are different and of course, common sense leaves the body when slowly, the ever careful girl, becomes your prey. Even after you stop acting and go about your ways, it is too late when I think you would change. The stories are all too familiar of how one girl is the game changer in every player’s life. I blame fiction for making me wait in hopes of being the one who changed you for the better. When years after you left me, just like you left everyone else, I still wait for your phone call, maybe just a text message saying ‘hey’, I know the only game changer is you. Changing the course of the lives of every girl whose heart you owned by treating them as just another passing fancy, a different game for a different day.

Dedicated to everyone who fell for the wrong person. It is not too late. Now is the time to move on and discover what you’re worth by yourself.

The one online

I see him now and then, online. Everyday, I show up just in time when he is available on chat. I don’t know if he scrolls down and freezes when he sees my name in the list like I do when I see his, even though he is the only reason I’m there. I like to think that he never initiates a conversation for the same reasons that I don’t. What went wrong between texting each other about the most insignificant details of each others’ mundane lives, not bothering about who texts first to deliberately not pressing on the send button when the fingers find their way to type ‘Happy Birthday’? I often console myself saying that reality caught up, that both of us grew up somehow, though apart from each other, something we had never quite planned. Distance became an issue only recently. I know that he looks at all my pictures on days when he is dying to wish me atleast a formal ‘goodmorning’. He probably hands over his phone to his bestfriend before he goes to parties because he knows for sure that a drunk apology will not mend us. And I understand that we have no more chance of recovery when I see the status on our chat window change from ‘typing’ to ‘online’ to ‘offline’ to ‘inaccesible’. A goodbye so typical of his style. And somehow, I still survive.

Dedicated to those of you who were or still are in an online relationship. I judge you but I also understand the depth that some strictly internet based conversations can have. Know when to stop and how much to reveal. Also, lower your expectations maybe?

2 thoughts on “Diaries of somebody familiar:3 & 4

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  1. Oh man. This is different from your usual entries. I must say, appreciable.
    Its nice to read about how you’ve compared this fake love-trap. I think you should write more of these kind.


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