Heartbreaks change people. Sometimes for the better. There is a beauty in how hearts are broken. Some are torn apart gently, without a sound heard outside. Many are ripped into pieces, sending out flames, violent with blood-spill. It is an art to break hearts. It is not easy but it can get better with practice. How amazing is it to destroy this delicate part that defines existence! Thinking heartbreaks are wonderful is probably sadistic. A hardworking soldier inside you that bears the brunt of everything that you push aside while listening to your mind yet continues to march forward to keep you alive, that is what the heart is. It takes forever to get completely cured of a broken heart. The ability to forgive is not a gift that most humans are given. But miracles happen and the impossible can be achieved, much like what it feels to read the poem posted below in an ascending order. Of course, the unusual way of reading it from bottom to top is because being liberated and embracing peace is quite unusual for someone with a broken heart. Time heals all wounds, they say. But a wound to the heart can kill. If not immediately, it will stay there for as long as it can and remind you of the time you were perfectly fine with your heart whole. It will make you desperate enough to acknowledge fake cures. Yet, a part of you knows that the hurt is irreversible. And you will be stuck in a circle with just your past and present, the nostalgia seeming sweeter with the passage of time, the present choking under the pressure to move forward but being unable to give you a future. This is what most heartbreaks are like and that is what the normal way of reading the poem, that is, a top to bottom approach, is meant to convey. As for me, I am stuck somewhere in the midst of a broken heart and a perfectly healthy one. A broken heart helps me become a better writer. A healthy one is necessary to live. But I know what my heart wants more. So until then, I am on a quest to get my heart broken for real and even though heartlessness is what I am known for, I believe breaking the heart of a seemingly heartless person is what art is about. And my vacant heart is a true lover of art!
Reverse chronology:

Liberated from a love, a memorable failure

Stepping on stones and gravel

We climb out of the steepness of a shallow burn

Hypnotised by the illusion of complete closure

The impossible peace looming large, blurring out our memories

Yet we lost to a war so cold and hurt each other repeatedly

What we became was much more than we hoped for 

Taking over, you became my tomorrow

You walked into my soul

You made me happier

Before I knew you

I was just happy

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