Of losses

Grey’s anatomy, even after the amazing writer Shonda Rhimes (I’m not being sarcastic, I really mean it) killed off o​r sent away my favourite characters, has remained my favourite show on TV. Even though the show isn’t the same to me anymore as the last few seasons largely comprised of actors I never really liked much, it does stick to reality (because real life is depressing and filled with disasters, no argument there) and the medical aspects in the series are quite thought-provoking. But why I would continue to watch it even with the obvious absence of the characters I loved that made me an ardent fan of the show and would also rewatch the previous seasons and be astonished all over again is because of the emotional quotient it portrays. There were many episodes that thrilled the lover of Biology in me but since I identify more with my side that leans towards creativity, some brilliant instances of human sentiments have stayed with me for a longer time and below is something that came out of one such heart-touching episode of Grey’s anatomy. Based on the story of a father and daughter who come into the hospital looking for a donor heart for the father and in the end, the father having to reluctantly accept his daughter’s heart when she becomes brain-dead due to an accident; I have penned down the poem below, which, in no way, communicates in full force what I felt when I watched it on TV but well, I had to try! And since November is generally a month of losses with it beginning with ‘All souls’ day’, it seemed appropriate to post it now.

The faint sound of a heart beating 

From inside my love

An addition, nine months of waiting

And we hear your heart beat so strong

Racing up and slowing down

With laughter and while you sleep

Knowing that your heart is beating

Sets mine at ease

You grow up in size

But your heart, my dear child, remains

For me, you stay my little one

While my hairs begin to gray

When you proclaim

You have found the one

To whom you gift your precious heart

An ache arose out of acceptance

My darling has grown up at last

Roles reverse with the passage of years

When my aging heart betrays

The faintness of my existence

A cause of your distress

But never did we think

I would be the one to blink

Back my tears, before time

An ease that settles on your face

Breaks my already weakened heart

When I open my eyes to a familiar sound

A beating that you left me with

Knowing that your heart is beating

Inside me, I weep

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