Hymn for the year end

​It is about whose face appears when you write. When you pray, you close your eyes and imagine the presence of a higher power and that gives you strength to go on. You absorb the divinity that comes from within you and experience serenity. Writing is just like praying. The focus, the rituals that each writer has to get into the writing mode, the inspiration that comes from around, to me, it is a holy process. Alphabets and grammar command respect. And certain faces that light up the writer in my brain, they are verses of a hymn. The end product is my prayer in which I wish to include others for the sake of peace everywhere in the world.

She sleeps with dreams of creations

Her mind a house full of thoughts

Painting hearts with a stroke of imagination

A poet is born

Every face she comes across has a story

Different tales that plead to be known

Words like a river that keeps flowing

Writing even when her eyes are closed

A soulful recitation of poetry

In every one of her sighs

Her eyes travel beyond mere dreams

Moments seem to rhyme

When first love tasted like an overload of sweet phrases

And heartbreak became a well-earned gift

Emptying feelings into little pieces

Of writings that make spirits lift

Her whole life, a series of daydreams

Orderly chaos of ideas and ideals

Setting a pace with the trace the ink leaves

When she sets down her pen, the world comes to a standstill

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