A trail of stardust

When someone new comes into your life and you find a little more about yourself; the times you spend together, the initial hesitation to open up and surprising realisations that you have certain things in common. You make extra efforts in conversations to get to know a new person whom you would prefer to add into your life. When there are pleasant surprises when they show faith in you and your abilities, even though all you ever came across recently were people who tried to constantly pull you down by pointing out your flaws. Sometimes, the sense of duty makes you believe in their dreams too and other times, the feeling comes naturally. And slowly, the once unknown becomes the only one you truly know. Synchrony is seen in everything from breathing to walking to even blinking from staying too long in each other’s company. But of course, expectations are kept to a minimum. Past experiences have taught you too well to tone down your joy, tragedy likes to invade at the wrong moments. Later down the road, when it becomes too much, your true self bursts out and unravels the inner weakling that you are, once again. Breaking down twice in a lifetime does not seem like a good option but you accept that it was destiny to have let it all out, very clearly visible in the open. After all, you are not the only one there, scared out of your wits at the proximity you know is a necessity now. Openness sometimes paves the way to feeling something new. And this thing called love does not have to happen only one time. If it happened to you before, strong but extremely wrong, you can’t deny that you know how it feels. Love is new each time it blooms. But when it is right, it is what makes life in itself feel right. It is when being yourself with someone finally makes sense. It is when you truly understand the value of someone’s presence in your existence that only you considered insignificant. And you know for sure, why love is considered the strongest force, enough to empower yourself and the world!

Can you see what I am holding?
The remnant of a glistening star
Just a trail of stardust left behind
Resting on the tip of my fingers
The deception, is it convincing
Enough to spill out the moonlight in you
Without an overshadow
Of the starry light between the interlocking
The dance of the souls
Incomparable to that of our hands
Matchless is the illumination
When the epilogue becomes a prologue
To you, a ballad maybe
To me, this is a novella
A tale of faraway lands explored in the vastness of your mind
Do you see where I am going?
The remnant of a glistening star
Fades away my doubts in time
The deception, is it convincing
To let you take this love afar
Have you ever seen me waiting?
Patiently, hoping to accompany you
On the expedition they call love
How long until the journey
Becomes something I can call my own
Just a trail of stardust left behind
Until I find my own avenue
Now is the moment to hurry
Before love ceases to be in vogue

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