Why are you the unattainable? The one at sea while I’m stranded on this island you created with your animosity. Why are you unreachable to my outstretched arms when you’re standing close enough to hear me breathe? Do you hear the screams for help that I shout out when you move a little beyond over a feet from where I’m standing? I’m afraid of losing sight of you because you are a disturbing dream I can’t yet believe is real. You did happen to me but how do I know for sure? Where are you now, not within the reach of sleep? Who did you become in the pursuit of love that you turned a blind eye to when I offered to walk with you? Refusals, denials, fragile is my heart! Reigning over my life since the time we met are the words you spoke to me before you closed the curtains on our beginning. Now the birds go around singing my sorrow, looking for you in every one of my tomorrows. But you remain ice cold, at heights you know I’m too weak to climb with a soul so wounded that I can’t even manage to cry.


I hand over to you

The pieces of my heart

Irregular in size

The smallest one talks of your eyes

The next big piece

Holds the melodies that you hum to me

Just by breathing

An average-sized bit

Speaks of the things you say that bothers me

Just so you know

I have heard it all before but hearing them from you

Tore off another piece

Bits break down with your touch

Bursting further with the spark still existing between us

The larger pieces know of the times that I had tried and lied

To my broken heart, of making it out of this alive

And now finally

The time has come for me

To throw over to you the largest piece

The one which pleaded me to see

That loving you could make you love me

And now that you have it all

A heart that chose to live for you

Dying for a love unattainable, all on its own

I can finally walk free

With no more heaviness

Weights no longer pulling down on me

Nothing left, not even you, to make me feel incomplete

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