What I loved about December was the Christmas spirit, the joy and the merriment. A chance of snowing, maybe not outside but surely in people’s hearts. The holidays when you realized who were important enough to be kept in your heart and held near forever. Where are those December days I once loved, the nights I cherished for years to come and where exactly are you, even though I see you right there, now just a skeleton of the soul you once bared to me?

What I love about February is how there is love all around even when the world is on a hating spree, hating on everybody and everything. Love does not have to be just between you and me and that is what I love about February. The roses, the kisses, all the hand holding are quite nice but when you love someone for who they are and even what they could become, maybe just reverting to who they once were, unconditional love of the kind I still feel. Alas, it could not be true for you. For me, February is about the ones I really truly need. The ones who believe in me.

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