Guilty pleasures

Red hoodie, perfectly complementing the flames that arise in his eyes. The stylish walk almost making it seem like he is going to a business meeting. A boyish grin on one hell of a face and his gaze, oh my, falling down on short girls like me with grace! And when our eyes lock and he nods at me, he knocks the wind out of my lungs like he was assigned the job by some higher power.

When I peek at him from the corridors, I hear him laughing in a voice that melts my core. Surrounded by his comrades, he is always in command. And I just wonder if I’m in a surreal dreamy land. He passes by me and I look away, too proud to let him know I’m trying in my own way to capture his attention. But then he stops in his tracks and walks back to where I stand, I take in his scent no lesser than what ecstasy must feel like. I hear him speak but I’m too weak to reply. So, I pretend that I couldn’t catch his words the first time they made out of his lips right. He repeats something trivial, I probably ought to forget. But every word that he utters is etched on to my mind as soon as they hit my ears. I try to keep my cool, flip my hair away too. A twinkle in his eyes tells me he knows what I’m upto.

Touch me not:

Your hands are almost on me

A slight hesitation lingers on your fingertips

I look on with a steady gaze, daringly

A ghost of a smile locked on my lips

You try again with renewed courage

The wind washes over my face

A whiff of my scent had just made

Your way to my skin fill with grace

You grip me tight

And I wither

I give up the fight

As you trace a feather

Over my neck, in plain sight

You kiss me and I double over

You leave me with a hint of delight

The heat of your touch still hovers

When you step back carefully

I open my eyes with a brand new spirit

Touch me not, my heart denies

When your skin grazes mine, it is all that is right

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