Done and dusted

Have you had one of those days when everything went completely wrong? Like you were the protagonist of a movie based on how life could be at its miserable best when it was allowed to unleash all its pent up anger upon the surviving species for a whole day. Imagine this day getting stretched into a week, maybe a month or two. How about if it was a year? What exactly could you do other than whine to every passerby and shout out loud in frustration, right?

Wrong. Depression is a state where you might be glad to be hit by a bus just so you could relax for a few days. You envy the people who die, you might not show it on your face but jealousy replaces the more sensible sorrow or pity that should accompany such news. You try to snap out of it, even without the advice of others; most depressed people put on a happy or normal facade and rather not reveal the entirety or even offer a glimpse of the turmoil they go through on a daily basis. Why would they spread the negative vibe, god forbid, what if depression is contagious and emanating out of you to an extreme amplitude that it could get passed on to everyone around you unknowingly-something you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemies?

You go to sleep. Sleep may come naturally and maybe only waking up seems to be an impossible thought. But for some, sleep may abandon their minds because why not? What fun can resting for a bit provide to a soul that has been put on a leash bound by broken desires and the lost will to continue breathing?

And then begins another monotonous day. You may or may not wish for some sort of excitement to distract you from suicidal thoughts and pondering over the apt way to analyse if you are walking down the path to insanity based on how situations have been treating you lately. Maybe you were lucky enough to catch a break in the string of misfortunes that befell you or maybe life continued to belt you repeatedly, training you to be ready when the next beating would wound your mind and rupture your heart in a way that you can’t separate the excruciating pain from the existing one in your entire body, courtesy of the fate you have learnt is awaiting your retaliation.

I could go on but alas, I’m chained. You know how it is when your thoughts are derailed once the worries of life remind you it is time for you to stop exploring an outlet for all that you are facing and you return to when you were uninspired, to the ashes of your burnt out flame from which you dared for just a second to rise like a phoenix. Because you have learnt the bitter way that there are such things as those that are too good to be true. Happiness is a temporary and distant dream, much beyond what you can reach in your current state which is highly unlikely to change.

As part of the worlwide awareness on the importance of shedding light on mental health issues.


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