The Quill Dipped In:Red

​Sometimes my mind wanders in different directions and I come up with lines like these that I don’t think require formal introductions…(Starting off the series with different shades of red because red rules over my mind!)


I stood alone in the empty room where I often went to recite your name. They called it meditation, only I knew that the chant was an invocation. A desperate request to your spirit to face me up-front again. If you show up, I won’t let you get away from me like the last time. Because I know you are still alive. Afraid to cross the barrier, too weak to answer, listening to my prayers. I know you are not hollow, see-through or frightening. They have got you wrong. But I see it all, I’m being strong for you, waiting to hear you say my name again. It’s alright, you don’t have to apologize for causing me pain! I forgive your sins, I would give anything, in fact, to watch you commit the same mistakes one more time. I will not chide you, I will not think of your achievements as a deliberate attempt to overshadow mine. Come here, let me feel the serenity in your embrace that engulfed me before. Choose to listen to my voice, do not go into the light! I know you are afraid of the dark, of monsters that may be lurking around in the corners or worse, what if you are stuck inside a sphere? That’s why I’m talking to you, follow the tone of my voice, my dear. I will guide you to me, just cooperate. Isn’t it obvious how losing you has hit me the hardest? I love you, so come back and stay with me! Or better yet, take me with you, I’m not afraid to tread the unknown if that’s what takes to be with you again. Nobody is around, no one will see you, hurry already! I have stopped whispering, I am ready to shout aloud. Give me a sign if you are somewhere around. Tell me you hear me, be with me, oh love!


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