The only time I find it difficult to use words to express is when I have to describe who I am. I believe that I deserve to have all my unrealistic expectations to be met in the most magical manner possible. I’m probably an unbelievable force of nature with contradictory traits and a lot more sophisticated words put together in a simple manner but I guess it makes sense for me to be called a writer – without quotation marks enclosing the word, since that is who I am at most times. Of course, I’m many other things besides that but enough about me, let this ‘about’ section be about the blog. I will not go into the details of the kind of work you can find here because that is for you to explore and find out. But I will give you a glimpse of how this blog came into existence. I started it on an impulse in  2015 and went back and forth on quitting plenty of times but since this is where I began letting the world see what I was truly passionate about and there were some perks associated with it, here it is – an active platform for my thoughts! So, please do not forget to click on the follow button if you like what you read here (by the way, Soul-ed out is on Facebook and Instagram as well) and do let me know your opinions (criticism will help me improve so don’t hold back)! In case you would like to provide me with prompts on topics you’d like me to write on, please do so and hit ‘like’ to give me a hint on whether I did a decent job on my posts (especially if you’re in a hurry)! Cheers!

P.S. If you come across great works of writing (in any form) that you think I must absolutely check out, send me links/suggestions because all of us love to read quality content, don’t we?

P.P.S. Curious about the blog name? Read the story behind it!


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