‘On death and dying’ by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross: A book review

‘On death and dying’ is a book that is all too familiar to any hardcore ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ fan because of the extremely famous line used from it in the series about the five stages of grief. Usually, I’m not a reader of non-fiction but this book was calling out to me! Even though it was... Continue Reading →


Dedication – 5

There are old friends and then there are new ones and sometimes certain in-betweens who leave a long-lasting impression and disappear without warning. A dedication to one such person.

Diaries of somebody familiar: 9 & 10

​A series of fictional diary entries of people I may or may not have come across. The truth is conditional and so the option to believe lies with the reader. The insecure one I'm not going to pretend that I hate my favourite song just because he doesn't like it. I will sing it out... Continue Reading →

Not a dedication-3

"Aren't you afraid that people will get to know too much about you when they read your thoughts on paper?" I was asked. I thought about the guy from school who sat on the last bench. He didn't sit there because he wanted to be a back-bencher, because you know, it was considered 'cool'. And... Continue Reading →

Done and dusted

Have you had one of those days when everything went completely wrong? Like you were the protagonist of a movie based on how life could be at its miserable best when it was allowed to unleash all its pent up anger upon the surviving species for a whole day. Imagine this day getting stretched into... Continue Reading →

Golden Rain Tree

What exactly is a Golden Rain Tree, you ask? Well, it is this magical tree (scientifically known as Cassia fistula) that has great significance on the eve of the Malayalee new year, also known as, Vishu, when enthusiasts of upholding traditional values make it a point to get to their homes a bunch of the... Continue Reading →

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