‘A brief history of time’ by Stephen Hawking: A book review

This was a post I scheduled to be published in April and I think none of us expected this great scientist to pass away so soon. I considered changing the sentences to reflect his death, you know, replace all the 'is' with 'was' and the like but my mind did not comply so here goes,... Continue Reading →


The Quill Dipped In: Maroon

Just a nod would have sufficed and I would have told you that all the fights you picked with me meant more to me than they probably meant to you. I would have told you how I dreamt of spending the happiest days of my life by your side. I would have finally disclosed to... Continue Reading →


Some of us are difficult to fall in love with, some of us are difficult to remain in love with... She broke free from my clutches again. You probably think of her as a prey and of me as the predator lurking around to dig my claws into her flesh. But the truth is that... Continue Reading →

Mi amor

I'd like to think that I was a Spaniard in my previous life because even though I am surrounded by numerous familiar languages, Español always had a special place in my heart. My knowledge of Spanish is limited to the words that Dora (from Dora the explorer) taught me and words I picked up later... Continue Reading →

An open letter to the one who …

Open letters - something that piqued my interest when I came across them initially. Poems are my open letters because I am a writer whose interests are more inclined towards fiction even though my readers accept the poetic side of me, probably because poems speak the truth. Poetry is my outlet, or atleast it was... Continue Reading →

Dedication – 6

Beginning with a not-quite-but-almost revelation about my previous dedication posts: The 5 posts were dedicated to 4 people and today, I would like to rename them to mean something Sympatico: for a temporary but important companion, Enchantment: to the person with the captivating features worthy of writing about About the owner of an attractive mind... Continue Reading →

About THE poets: Sylvia Plath

Like I’ve mentioned plenty of times before, subtly or explicitly – I don’t quite remember, I wasn’t a great fan of how English, particularly literature, was taught to me in school. Poetry gained importance only later on in my life and I think of it as a great loss that I was unaware of its... Continue Reading →

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