Guilty pleasures

Red hoodie, perfectly complementing the flames that arise in his eyes. The stylish walk almost making it seem like he is going to a business meeting. A boyish grin on one hell of a face and his gaze, oh my, falling down on short girls like me with grace! And when our eyes lock and... Continue Reading →


What I loved about December was the Christmas spirit, the joy and the merriment. A chance of snowing, maybe not outside but surely in people's hearts. The holidays when you realized who were important enough to be kept in your heart and held near forever. Where are those December days I once loved, the nights... Continue Reading →

Dance of the words

​I have come to realise that poems are the best way to grab people's attention. Put in some rhyming words, a little metaphor, repititions and alliteration and it makes the readers happy because of the rhythmic dance of the letters you choreographed. Personally, I only fell in love with poetry recently. I never considered myself... Continue Reading →


Why are you the unattainable? The one at sea while I'm stranded on this island you created with your animosity. Why are you unreachable to my outstretched arms when you're standing close enough to hear me breathe? Do you hear the screams for help that I shout out when you move a little beyond over... Continue Reading →

A trail of stardust

When someone new comes into your life and you find a little more about yourself; the times you spend together, the initial hesitation to open up and surprising realisations that you have certain things in common. You make extra efforts in conversations to get to know a new person whom you would prefer to add into your life.... Continue Reading →

Hymn for the year end

​It is about whose face appears when you write. When you pray, you close your eyes and imagine the presence of a higher power and that gives you strength to go on. You absorb the divinity that comes from within you and experience serenity. Writing is just like praying. The focus, the rituals that each... Continue Reading →

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