• WE Badge June 2016 issue

  • WE certificate-Exceptional poem award June 2016 issue

Read Mausoleum

  • Rise online magazine

Read Faraway

  • WE badge December 2016 issue

  • WE certificate- Exceptional short story award December 2016 issue

Read The downpour

  • Love and Emotions contest by Wordkrowd

Read the story: Sanctity

  • WE third anniversary special ‘Complete the story’ contest

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  • Wordweavers Poetry contest 2017 longlist:

Read Come Winter


  • Writer’s Ezine Valentine’s Day Handwritten love letter contest 2018:

Read the letter to a mariner


  • Blog posts featured on BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday picks:

1. Golden Rain Tree

2. ‘Two by two’ by Nicholas Sparks: A book review

3. The Quill Dipped In: Red



Other published works:

  1. Bus-inga (on 19a – RIT student run magazine)
  2. What happens in Goa, stays in Goa (on 19a – RIT student run magazine)
  3. Nothing (on Workrowd)
  4. Espionage (on Storymirror)
  5. Separation (on Storymirror)
  6. Lucidity (on Sweek)
  7. Intervention (on Sweek)
  8. Black Screen (on Story Mirror)
  9. Death of me (on Ascerblog)

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